Software within the scope of my support at Drew

Moodle Tutorials

Moodle Help for Faculty (Drew University) drew university moodle faculty tutorials

Designed self-help tutorial matrix for faculty to find steps to accomplish basic, intermediate, and advanced tasks in Moodle from the course builder's experience.

It is a Moodle course, with a custom theme controlled purely by a stylesheet in the course's Files area. The css is hiding the sidebar columns and all the topic blocks, showing only the "topic 0" area. It is also revealing a banner image which is also simply pointing to a file in the course Files.

Added one line of code (shared by Nadav Kavalerchik on to the header.html of the theme to use the custom stylesheet in the course Files, if there is one.

Bits-n-Bytes Software Tutorial Series

Bits-n-Bytes of Photoshop

Supervised an intern, Mr. Len Rue IV, and guided him to record screencasts using Camtasia Studio and build this series on image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop.

Bits-n-Bytes of Moodle (in progress)

Using Moodle for ePortfolios

Master of Arts in Teaching ePortfolio System

Drew MAT ePortfolio System banner

I designed and delivered a system in Moodle for the MAT program to provide ePortfolios for their students. Each eportfolio is a Moodle course and the owner of the eportfolio (the student) has a custom role of "ePortfolio Owner" in the course based on the legacy editing teacher role minus some permissions.

I created a template course with the base content, blocks, menus, banners, headings, navigation, topics, etc. This template is then backed up, and the backup file is restored in bulk (using the Course Management block - 3rd party plugin) to create as many ePortfolios as are needed for the incoming batch of MAT students.

In conjunction with our Enterprise Technology Center, we were able to script this batch restoration process to auto-create the new semester's category, create multiple courses based off the template backup file, name each course/ePortfolio for the student (using student id field), and auto-enroll the students as Owners in their own ePortfolios. Saved me a lot of clicking and waiting and coffee!!! ^_^

During Orientation, each batch of MAT students would attend a Moodle ePortfolios training session where I would guide them all to customize the content of their eportfolios with their name & address, and they would learn how to use the HTML editor to edit content & labels, upload files into folders, link to web pages, and files.

Video Tutorials for MAT ePortfolios

In addition to the training, I provided a set of video tutorials that covered everything we did in the face to face training. So those who missed the training are able to catch up, and those who didn't quite "get" it, can brush up at their own convenience as many times as they need.

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress is such a fun, versatile and flexible tool for building dynamic websites. Below are some projects that were implemented in WordPress: ecommerce website, information non-profit organisation, online registration management system application, dynamic websites, and church websites.

This is a simple informational website for a non-profit organization in Ghana, West Africa. Click the image to visit the site.

Aftrad Village - ecommerce site

Aftrad Village E-Commerce Site
This small business owner based in the U.K. needed an online store for her growing clientele to purchase her beautiful paintings and artifacts. It is a WordPress site with a premium e-commerce theme that has a loty of functionality built-in so that you don't have to install as many extra plugins, if any. Many aspects of the theme were customized to match the business brand. Click the image to visit the site.

Hispanic Summer Program Online Registration

HSP Online Registration System
The Hispanic Summer Program needed a more efficient method than the dozen+ Excel spreadsheets with hunderds of rows and columns for managing applications to their program. I proposed digitizing the process into an online registration system that collects the students' data and submissions, year by year, and allows the administrator to quickly find, manipulate and/or remove data. I used Wordpress because the CMS features would allow the program staff to handle changes and simple modifications on their own. Click the image to visit the site.

2nd Chance Bail Bonds services website

2nd Chance Bail Bonds
Informational website for a Bail Bonds service in York, PA. Provides info on how to secure their services, pay for services, how the process works and adding your link to their site. The Wordpress theme is a custom-made child theme designed in Photoshop, sliced up and integrated into the Wordpress site based on parent theme Twenty-Eleven. Click the image to visit the site.

Other websites I have designed include:

Current Projects

Sample Projects

Moodle Tutorials

Bits-n-Bytes Series

Moodle for ePortfolios

Wordpress websites